Original Nuggets

Nuggets are the favourite of all those with a playful spirit. This delight is suitable anytime, from festive platters to secret snacks at late hours. The same carefully chosen meat comes in this unconventional nuggets-like shape and is a true treat for lovers of healthy meat snacks. Original Nuggets bring guaranteed satisfaction with a low-calorie intake. Ideal for after your work-out or for a children’s snack as well. Connoisseurs believe it to be the perfect party snack to be enjoyed with your glass of wine.

Nuggets chilli


Chili consumption has many benefits for the body and Cape Deli has not neglected to introduce a spicy version of the nuggets. Deliciously spiced and cured beef perfected by the most skilled masters of Biltong, Cape Deli. Explore the mix of African flavours with the finest Romanian beef, penetrated by spicy Mexican notes! A taste that will surprise and satisfy even the most demanding palates.

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