Sticks original


Perfectly cut to dry evenly and perfectly spiced with original imported South African spices, the meat turns into delicious, healthy, protein-rich sticks. Cape Deli Snap Sticks are an original Cape Deli novelty, tailor-made to meet modern culinary needs. Our sticks are designed as an ideal snack at any time of day for you and your entire family to enjoy or after a hard workout when you desire a healthy bite rich in protein.

Sticks chilli

The spicy taste is a guaranteed best companion to the refreshment of your choice, fine cheeses or fresh fruit. Snap sticks with chili respond to all urban challenges and modern social events, offering satisfaction to those looking for an exceptional gourmet experience. High quality, tasty, spicy and great to share with family and friends. Biltong sticks chilli is a delicious treat at any time for all those who value their health.

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